“(…) literature is neither banal nor inoffensive; rather, it is the only instrument with which human beings can aspire to directly understand the horrible, heroic or day-to-day experiences of other human beings. If we tell the same stories over and over again it is because we need to look at them again from every possible angle, repeating them time and time again so that we may feel less ignorant, less alone, less bewildered”. Jorge Volpi.


La Historia Sagrada, Eduardo Mendoza
Niños, Libros y Lecturas, Alejandro Dolina
Libros de texto (excerpt), Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio
Lectura (excerpt), José Saramago
La biblioteca de Babel, Jorge Luis Borges
El derecho a leer, Richard Stallman
Fahrenheit 451 (selection), Ray Bradbury
Maestras argentinas. Clara Dezcurra, Roberto Fontanarrosa
As pequenas memorias (2006)José Saramago
El amor en los tiempos del cóleraGabriel García Márquez