Access to the MANES Collection housed in the Central Library of the UNED


Access to the catalog of the UNED’s Central Library

Tutorial video: how to consult the MANES Collection on the search engine of the UNED Library

The MANES Collection is a reserved collection of school textbooks kept at the Central Library of the UNED (Senda del Rey, 5 – 28040 MADRID), whose catalog may be consulted on-line. The collection is made up of approximately 7,500 school textbooks from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The books have been catalogued using the following criteria:


1) School textbooks from before 1970, which appear in the digitalized catalog with catalog listing L.T. and currens number.
2) Modern textbooks, from after 1970, registered with catalog listing L.T.M. and currens number.
3) Latin American school textbooks from before 1970, appearing with catalog listing L.T.A.L. and currens number.
4) Latin American textbooks from after 1970, appearing with catalog listing L.T.M.L.A. and currens number.
5) The MANES Collection also contains a small number of books that previously belonged to the Spanish pedagogue Ángel Llorca, (the Ángel Llorca Library) and are divided into two categories: school textbooks and books on Pedagogy. The textbooks have as their catalog listing BAL and the currens number, while the pedagogy books figure with the catalog listing BAL P and the currens number. Of the 240 volumes comprising this collection, 145 are textbooks and 95 are Pedagogy books.

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