This section provides an account of awards given to members and researchers linked to the MANES Research Center in acknowledgement of their contribution to textbook research and their initiatives favoring the preservation of schoolbooks.



♦ Manuel Bartolomé Cossio Prize (2022):

Awarded to MANES

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♦ Arsen-Djurovic’ Prize – III edition (2017):

In its third edition, the International Society for Historical and Systematic Research on Textbooks and Educational Media awarded the Arsen-Djurović Prize for historical research on textbooks to professor Kira Mahamud, of the Departamento de Historia de la Educación y Educación Comparada of the UNED and to Professor Jan M.M.G.F. Van Wiele of Tilburg University, Netherlands.

The prize was awarded on 7 October 2017 in   Augsburg, during the celebration of the annual conference of the International Society for Historical and Systematic Research on Textbooks and Educational Media.

For more information on the prize winners, see the Society webpage.

Text describing the merits considered by the jury in awarding the prize to Kira Mahamud.

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♦ Manuel Bartolomé Cossio Prize (2017):

Awarded to CEINCE (Centro Internacional de la Cultura Escolar), directed by Agustín Escolano Benito.

Minutes of the resolution



♦ Elisa Pérez Vera Prize – IX edition (2007):

Awarded to Kira Mahamud Angulo for her research on gender in school textbooks under Francoism.

“A study of emotional indoctrination in school textbooks”: Interview with Kira Mahamud about her work for which she was awarded the Premio Elisa Pérez Vera, March, 2007.

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