Collaboration Agreement between the National University of Distance Education (UNED) and the SM FOUNDATION for the creation of the  UNED-SM FOUNDATION AULA for the promotion of School Libraries

On February 7, 2020, a three-year Framework Agreement was signed for the creation of the UNED-Fundación SM Chair for the Promotion of School Libraries. The UNED and the SM FOUNDATION create the Chair for the continued implementation of transfer, research, dissemination, teaching and innovation activities in the field of school libraries. We thus respond to the need for renewal and updating of its conceptualization, methods, technology, content and qualification of those responsible for its integration into the curricular project of educational centres.

The Chair will be directed by Dr Kira Mahamud Angulo, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Education of the UNED, and co-directed by Dr Ana María Badanelli Rubio, lecturer at the same Faculty.

The SM Foundation and the Manes Research Center, in the Department of History of Education and Comparative Education of the Faculty of Education of the UNED, initiate a collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experiences with the common goal of redefining, reconceptualizing, revitalizing and energizing school libraries through joint training, research, innovation and dissemination activities. The trajectory, experience and success of the SM Foundation in children’s and young adult literature and school libraries merges with the trajectory and knowledge generated at the MANES Research Center on textbooks, reading and publishing. Converging educational interests allow for dialogue and knowledge transfer with social impact in the training of teachers, professors, experts and specialists, in research and dialogue with experts, as well as in the redesign of school libraries as spaces for access to literature, culture, knowledge and information.

On June 4, 2021, an addendum was signed to continue the collaboration agreement, renaming it AULA for School Libraries dynamization, with Dr Ana María Badanelli as director and Dr Kira Mahamud as co-director.