On the occasion of the celebration of San Isidoro de Sevilla, patron saint of the Faculty of Education, the MANES Research Centre and the Faculty of Education signed an Agreement with the General Archive of the UNED, which will from now on be responsible for the custody, conservation, cataloguing and dissemination of the historical collection of school documents of MANES, making it available to researchers interested in the history of school culture.

This historical collection, created mainly through donations from families, has been built up over the last few decades. It contains school exercise books, teaching materials, handicraft, wall charts, syllabi and lesson plans, documents relating to teachers and to the functioning of schools, and even oral sources. These types of documents have been fundamental to understanding how textbooks were used in schools over time.

Video Collaboration Agreement between MANES and the UNED’s Archive

Archive website

Celebration in the faculty of Education: 50 years of the UNED, 30 years of MANES

Donation Agreement




English translation of the MANES website

In occasion of the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of MANES, we have finally fulfilled our wish to translate our website into English. The English version is available at https://www.centromanes.org/en/, or by clicking on the English/Spanish options at the top of the page.


MANES 2022 Calendar for the 30th Anniversary Celebration

In 2022, the MANES Research Center celebrates 30 years of activity. MANES was founded on the initiative of Professor Federico Gómez Rodríguez de Castro, following the model established by one of the most important specialists in school textbooks, Professor Alain Choppin, creator of the ENMANUELLE project at the Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique (INRP) in France. The partnership agreement between UNED and the INRP was signed in 1992, and that year is therefore the official date of birth of MANES.
We have initiated the celebration of our 30th anniversary with the publication of a calendar for the year 2022, which has been elaborated by the Central Library of the UNED and illustrated with schoolbook covers from the MANES special collection kept in the Library. The illustrated calendar also commemorates the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UNED, which also takes place this year.

The calendar can be downloaded from the UNED Central Library website

Calendario 1 -con marco