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The Digital Library of Cuban School Textbooks displays a sample of books published for teaching purposes in Cuba from 1899 onwards, coinciding with the end of the Spanish colonial period on the Island. The library includes books on Reading, History, Geography, Moral and Civic Education, Natural Sciences and Pedagogy from the José Martí National Library in Havana.

The digitisation of the collection was carried out by the Instituto de Historia de Cuba (Havana), with the support of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institute (Braunschweig, Germany). This collaboration has been carried out in the framework of the international undertaking Global Textbook Resource Center (GLOTREC), in which the MANES Research Center participates. GLOTREC integrates bibliographic information on textbooks and educational media of collections worldwide into a multi-lingual catalogue with the aim of providing access to the data and existing digitised volumes (if licence-free) to researchers and the general public.

The creation of this Digital Library is the result of a collaboration agreement signed between the Instituto de Historia de Cuba and the MANES Research Centre. Its objective is to contribute to the preservation of an important part of the educational and cultural heritage of the Cuban nation and to make it accessible to researchers and scholars in the field of the History of Education.

Access to the Digital Library of Cuban School Textbooks