20 years researching school textbooks


In 2012 the MANES Research Center of the UNED celebrated 20 years of work and research with school textbooks. On the occasion of this anniversary the Center held a series of events showcasing its activities and history.

Cartel 20 años manesOne of these events consisted of the inauguration by Paloma Collado, Vice-rector of research, José Luís García Llamas, Dean of the Education Faculty, and Gabriela Ossenbach Sauter, Director of the MANES Research Center, of the exhibit titled 20 YEARS RESEARCHING SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS, held at the UNED Education Faculty from 13 November through 14 December 2012. Put together by Ana Mª Badanelli and Cecilia Milito, the exhibit provided an overview of the Center’s history and displayed a trove of sources, documents, materials and scientific production linked to the Center’s endeavors.

MANES Center members used the occasion of this inauguration to pay homage to the Center’s founder, Professor Federico Gómez R. de Castro, in whose honor a commemorative plaque was unveiled in the research hall of the third floor of the Central Library of the UNED, home to the collection of school textbooks. Participants were then treated to moving speeches by professors Manuel de Puelles, Gabriela Ossenbach and the current director of the Library, Isabel Calzas González. Among those attending were numerous collaborators and associates from different parts of Spain as well as academics who had played a key role in creating the collection.

Another noteworthy event, attended by the Dean of the UNED, Juan A. Gimeno Ullastres, was the presentation by Miguel Somoza, Ana Mª Badanelli and Kira Mahamud of the new MANES webpage. As part of this same event, Antonio Molero Pintado and Héctor Rubén Cucuzza were named new members of the Center’s Academic Board. Finally, participants listened to some of the congratulatory messages sent by email followed by a viewing of videos sent by the Biblioteca del Docente de Argentina (Mabel Kolesas) and by José Ramón López Bausela.

The history of MANES’ 20 years was also covered in a radio program and on a program of the UNED Channel, shown by RNE and RTVE (Spanish National Radio and Spanish National TV), which can be accessed here:

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